Special Education Advocacy
Sheri works tirelessly to educate parents about important matters that make a difference in the education their child receives. Her success in helping her clients gain access to support services in their public school districts is a testimony to her dedication to each child and family for whom she advocates.

Advocacy includes:

  • Defending your child’s rights in school, including post-secondary education
  • Assistance getting started with the Special Education process
  • Creation of an IEP and 504 Plan
  • Discovery and enrollment in services available at your public or private school
  • Working to get the services you or your child needs

Sheri will also:

  • Generate letters on your family’s behalf
  • Review and explain diagnostic testing and results with you
  • Help secure the services you or your student needs at school
  • Support you and your family through the process
  • Review and explain all forms and paperwork
  • Attend meetings with you
  • Protect you and your child against misinformation

Contact Sheri to discuss advocacy support for you and your child.

Educational Evaluations
Although everyone learns differently, it is estimated that millions of children and adults with average to superior intelligence are experiencing academic difficulties. Educational therapy can help these individuals progress and fulfill their learning potential.

Sheri can expedite any and all paperwork and educational evaluations, including but not limited to:

  • Interviews
  • Testing (administration, scoring, analysis of test results)
  • Written diagnostic report
  • Family conference time to discuss results
  • Telephone consultations with related medical and educational personnel
  • Documentation of all reports, discussions, meetings

Contact Sheri to discuss your child’s educational evaluation needs.