“Sheri, I wanted to share with you, because you worked so hard to help us this past year, that I went to “N’s” parent/teacher conference today and he got an amazing report card!!! This was where it really started last year, with (his teacher) telling me how he was struggling and not paying attention. He received nearly all “excellents” and “proficients” in his studies, where last year he received “needs improvement” or “satisfactory” and “developing.” …His teacher had all good things to say. He is engaging and shares appropriately.

I just wanted to tell you “thank you” for all you have done to help us and for being there for me as much as for “N” You were the one person who understood what I was feeling every step of the way. I am going to bask in this victory for a little bit…”

You are a special person and “N” and I appreciate your gentle approach, kind heart and positive words. They helped us through a rough year. I learned a lot and felt supported by you.
I hope this brings a smile to your face to know your hard work and efforts and belief in this child of mine has paid off!

– With much appreciation, Lisa S.

“Sheri Friedman is one of the best, most thorough and insightful educational consultants I have ever known. Her attention to detail that others miss is extraordinary and her ability to work within the confines of the schools’ policy is also unparalleled. The best part? She is soft-spoken and gentle and kids love spending time with her!”

– Lori G.

“… I am so pleased with Sophia’s results I can’t help myself from sharing with others. Sophia’s had a fantastic year with school. Her grades are all A’s and 2 B+’s. She is thriving at dance and has her show this weekend and was asked to do a solo. Apparently no one has been given this honor as a first year student with the company…We spoke the other day and I reminded her how well she is doing in everything and how much I felt it was attributed to the Interactive Metronome. She agreed!”

– Anonymous

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sheri as she has guided a number of my students presently and in the past.  Sheri has been an absolute phenomenal resource and I am quick to recommend her to other teachers and parents when they inquire.  Her expertise and excellent communication allows your child to be supported by a team effort focused on your child’s success both academically and emotionally.

As many classroom teachers are not well versed in a continued spectrum of learning disabilities, Sheri’s knowledge has been invaluable. In addition to working with children who struggle academically, Sheri also works with students who simply need a little extra guidance in a subject where extended one-on-one time may not be available in the classroom due to time constraints.  Sheri is quick to email thorough updates of observations and what work has been done with the student during their time together.  She may also detail what strategies were successful so that these practices may be extended in the classroom.  In addition, Sheri is very flexible and willing to work on areas where I have noticed a student’s need for additional one-on-one help.

My students enjoy Sheri’s calm demeanor and guidance.  I am grateful to have such an outstanding woman to team with who has shown what vast improvements can be made with an additional helping hand.”

– Sara M.

“Sheri works with my 5th grade daughter reinforcing what is learned at school, as well as filling in any gaps.  She works with her in a calm, friendly, encouraging and patient manner in a warm and inviting atmosphere, which is comforting to both my daughter and to me. The extra help my daughter receives from Sheri has not only helped to improve her scores, but boosted her self confidence as well. My daughter looks forward to her sessions with Sheri!”

– M. Jones

“As a child therapist, I have consulted with Sheri about children that I work with who have emotional and learning difficulties, and I have always found her to be deeply knowledgeable, supportive, and insightful. She brings years of experience working with children of all different backgrounds and abilities, and has a unique way of finding just the right approach that will work with a child’s individual needs. I have also consulted with Sheri about my own child’s educational needs, and can also say that as a parent, I felt that Sheri really heard my concerns and questions and worked collaboratively with me. From my interactions with Sheri, I gained insights and knowledge that I needed to work with the school district and was able to get the right resources for my child. As a professional, and as a parent, I highly recommend Sheri as an educational therapist, advocate and consultant. Any child or family that works with her will find her deep commitment, care and kindness to be as extraordinary as her skills in teaching.”

-Phyllis R.

“We hired Sheri last year to work with our then-5th grader who was facing some challenges with school. By the end of the school year, not only had she caught up with her classmates, but had surpassed most in every subject. Sheri’s calm, reassuring demeanor has endeared her to both my daughter and my family, and my daughter always looks forward to working with her. I cannot recommend highly enough!”

-Cheryl P.