Virtual Sessions

Dear Parents, 

While we may not be able to work together in person at this time, we can still keep your student engaged, on track, and moving forward.

As we struggle with the stress and uncertainty during this time, as adults, we have to be extra mindful of our children. Creating as much normalcy as possible for your student is key.  Routines are important and your children are used to a daily routine of learning, classes, and lessons. 

Effective immediately, I am offering virtual educational therapy and parent coaching sessions

  • Many children don’t work well with their parents and tend to cooperate more easily with teachers. 
  • Most parents are not prepared to teach academics at home. I have the experience, patience, materials, and flexibility to meet the needs of your students.
  • Given the uncertainty about when schools will re-open, we will all have to quickly adjust to a new way of life. Let’s start now!

Educational Therapy Virtual Sessions
Starting 3/23, I will begin offering virtual educational therapy sessions for your student via Zoom. For new, emerging, and struggling readers, I will offer Orton-Gillingham and other lessons.

Parent Coaching by Phone
I can guide you through engaging lessons, one at a time, based on your child’s individual needs and abilities. In session, students perceive short lessons and learning games to be fun, engaging, motivating, and interesting. By giving you ideas and materials for hands on learning, lessons will cover important essentials. I will guide you, the parent or caregiver, through each lesson.

Each session will be 50 minutes. 

Morning and evening hours are also available. Please email me directly at if you have any questions or preferred time slots that are not currently showing online. 

We will get through this together!

Sheri Friedman