Family Support

Sheri Friedman is widely known and respected for her unparalleled ability to provide family support from the very beginning of working with clients through the process of educational intervention.
When the family functions all inclusively, everyone experiences a less stressful existence along with a deeper sense of joy and fulfillment in the home. Parent consultations are offered to develop and support more creative ways to address parenting challenges and understand an individual child’s emotional, behavioral, and educational development and needs.

Sheri’s support provides:

  • Emotional support not only just for the client, but for the entire family
  • The opportunity to nurture honest expression and communication for everyone in the family in a safe and non-threatening way either together or separately
  • Stress relief through improved communication, realistic behavior expectations, time management, organization, and support for siblings
  • Insight to help parents gain insight into their own parenting style and how it developed within their family of origin, and how this influences their current parenting choices
  • Development of a family plan to utilize techniques that work or have worked in the past coupled with new approaches to changing the family dynamic in a more positive way
  • The ability for parents to achieve a healthier relationship with their children
  • Insight and guidance for choosing the most appropriate educational placement
  • An understanding of realistic developmental expectations, abilities, and timelines for all students

Contact Sheri to find out more about the kind of support that your child and family can benefit from. All services are individuated for each family.