Interactive Metronome Certified Provider:

IM is an evidence-based, engaging therapeutic modality that improves cognitive and motor skills. The design of the program ensures that patients recognize progress as it is occurring, increasing their motivation toward therapy and their ultimate recovery. IM is used to improve:

-Language Processing
-Reading and Math Fluency
-Control of Impulsivity/Aggression
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Educational Therapy Sessions:

Treatment “hour” is 50 minutes with the remaining 10 minutes devoted to questions/discussion, explanation of homework, and progress note documentation.

School Conference/Meetings/Advocacy:

– Attendance at SST (Student Study Team) meetings
– Attendance at IEP  (Individualized Education Program) meetings
– Attendance at Teacher/Parent Conferences

Educational Evaluations:

– Interview
– Testing (administration, scoring, analysis of test results)
– Written diagnostic report
– Family conference time to discuss results
– Telephone consultations with related medical and educational personnel
– Documentation of all reports, discussions, meetings

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